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We are conveniently located around the DC Metropolitan Area

potomac falls

sterling, va

Potomac station

leesburg, va


south riding, va


landsdowne, va


Ashburn, VA

franklin farms

chantilly, va

lorton station

lorton, va

great falls

mclean, va


oakton, virginia


dumfries, va

river oaks

dumfries, va

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How old does my child have to be to do T-Fencing?

We accept children ages 5 and up.  We have special instruction and curriculum
for our youngest students

do I need to buy equipment?

You do not need to buy equipment for the trial period. If you join our longer term program there are 2 options:
a.) You could rent our equipment
b.) You could buy your own equipment

Which style of fencing do you teach?

We teach all 3 styles (epee, foil, sabre) within our curriculum. However, beginners will learn mainly a foil based curriculum.

Do you have classes for adults?

-Yes we offer family classes as well as adult & teen classes

Is fencing dangerous for young children?

No. We have special equipment for our younger students. The blades are not sharp and the child will be wearing full protective gear. However, because we have electronic sensors, our students will still get the same thrill from scoring a point. Our more experienced students are only allowed to use metal blades with permission from the coach.

Do I have to pay for expensive private lessons?

No. We do offer private lessons, but unlike other fencing facilities this is not the main focus of our business. Our group lessons are structured and students learn our unique curriculum so they can progress to the next level.

If I move can my child move to another T-Fencing

Yes. This is the beauty of our standardized programs. Students may move to another T-Fencing facility and learn the same curriculum. Also they may visit different locations to participate in their classes at any time.

Contact info

Tel: (703) 938-3220
Address: 322 Maple Ave. W
Vienna, VA 22180